Want Better Visibility and Control of Your Shipments?

You’ve been heard. Our advanced software offers direct carrier connectivity, replacing static rate tables to achieve better visibility, control, and tangible savings in your inbound and outbound shipments.

Empowering Your Logistics Strategy

We recognize that supply chain and freight management are interconnected. Our Transportation Management Services offer a comprehensive solution that addresses both aspects, driving holistic improvements across your operation.

Effective use of our Transportation Management Solutions has produced savings averaging over 18% on outbound and 23% on inbound LTL/TL freight by removing assumptions and averages and using your existing preferred carriers more effectively. We can quantify your hard dollar savings by conducting a savings analysis using your actual data and your direct relationships.

Transforming Shipping with Deep Expertise

Our Transportation Management Services offer real-time carrier communications, eliminating the need for static tables. Easily integrate with your existing tech stack, gain additional data elements, and streamline your workflow without disruptions.

Key Benefits of TMS Services

End-to-End Visibility

Achieve complete visibility across your logistics operation, from sourcing to final delivery, for informed decision-making.

Cost Avoidance

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage data analytics to gain valuable insights, allowing you to make strategic decisions and optimize operations.

Freight Audit Process

Optimized Freight Management

Integrate freight management seamlessly into your transportation management strategy, ensuring lower costs and higher efficiency.

“With Nolan & Cunnings, we’ve achieved significant savings
and strengthened our carrier relationships.”

- Miguel L., Supply Chain Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Our TMS Services go beyond software solutions. We work with you to analyze your entire logistics operation, identify inefficiencies, and implement customized strategies for long-term optimization.

Absolutely. We provide all the necessary documentation so your team can easily integrate our services into your existing systems. Our team is also available for support as needed.

Our TMS Services are beneficial for a wide range of companies, from manufacturers and distributors looking to better manage their inbound and outbound shipments, to Third-Party Logistics (3PL) companies, freight carriers, and other freight software companies seeking a better data source.

Yes! Our TMS Services include seamless integration of various shipping technologies into your existing workflow. We provide a robust API library for easy integration and real-time data exchange, allowing you to consolidate your tech stack and streamline operations.

Ready to Optimize Your Transportation Management?

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