Overwhelmed by Freight Expenses?

We’ll help you eliminate overpayments, optimize your budget, and navigate the complexities of freight expenses with confidence and clarity. Discover savings and enhanced efficiency with our Freight Spend Management solutions.

Maximize Your Savings Potential

Managing freight expenses can feel like navigating a maze, and every decision can impact your bottom line. With our robust Freight Spend Management Solutions, we pinpoint exact areas for cost reduction and strategic resource allocation—driving meaningful business benefits.

Key Benefits of Freight Spend Management

Efficient Budget

We optimize your budget by pinpointing cost-reduction opportunities and strategic resource allocation.

Enhanced Cost Control

We help you achieve heightened control over your freight costs, aligning each expense with your strategic business and financial objectives.

Informed Strategic

We leverage data-driven insights to strategically allocate resources and make informed decisions that drive real growth.

Freight Spend Management Solutions

Freight Bill Management

Ensure accurate payments, improve accounting processes, and effectively manage freight invoices for all modes of transportation (truck, ocean, air, rail, and small parcel) with our Freight Bill Audit Services and Payment Solutions.

Freight Rate / Rate Spend
Benchmarking Services

Assess your shipping costs against industry standards with our Freight Cost Benchmarking Services. We deliver actionable insights to uncover potential savings, ensuring you get the highest value from your logistics.

Parcel Spend Management

Simplify your parcel shipping with our Parcel Spend Management Services. Our comprehensive audits and targeted rate negotiations ensure your parcel spending is consistent with true market value.

Rate Negotiation Services

Elevate your savings potential with our Rate Negotiation Services. We engage carriers to negotiate competitive rates, resulting in optimal pricing and fostering strategic partnerships that enhance your shipping operations.

Nolan & Cunnings services pay for themselves many times over, with most customers realizing an annual cost avoidance of 3%–5% of their total freight spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Freight Bill Audit is a meticulous review of shipping invoices to ensure accuracy, identify discrepancies, and eliminate overcharges. It’s crucial to prevent financial leakage, improve cost control, and maintain transparency in your shipping expenses. Our Freight Bill Audit services cover various freight types, including LTL, FTL, ocean, air, rail, and specialized equipment, ensuring your invoices align with the services provided.

Freight Payment Processing streamlines the payment of shipping invoices. By leveraging our efficient system, you can ensure timely and accurate carrier payments. This approach eliminates the risk of delayed payments, fosters positive carrier relationships, and enhances your overall supply chain efficiency. With our diverse payment options, including paper checks, ACH, and wire transfers, you can choose what suits your business best.

Absolutely. Our Freight Payment System is designed to manage a wide range of freight types and complexities like Ocean Freight Invoices. Whether you’re dealing with LTL, full truckload, specialized equipment, or even parcel shipments, our system can handle it all. With features like General Ledger coding and Freight Invoice Management, our system is tailored to meet your diverse freight payment requirements.

Freight Accounting involves the accurate allocation of shipping costs to the appropriate accounts. This method helps maintain an accurate financial picture and enables effective budgeting and cost analysis. Our services include detailed General Ledger coding, ensuring your shipping expenses are properly categorized, leading to better financial insights and decision-making. By leveraging Freight Accounting, you can optimize your resource allocation and enhance your business’s financial health.

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