Paying Too Much for Shipping?

We’ll help you find out. Our Freight Rate Benchmarking Services provide a detailed assessment of your shipping costs against industry standards to determine if you’re paying too much and where you can save.

Amplify Savings and Enhance Logistics Performance

As a logistics expert, you understand the importance of cost optimization without compromising service quality. We specialize in helping companies like yours unlock savings potential and enhance logistics performance every step of the journey.

Get Actionable Insights to Identify Improvement Opportunities

We excel in benchmarking transportation costs to ensure customers get the best value for their logistics operations. Our deep market understanding allows us to assess current expenses, provide actionable insights, and identify cost-saving opportunities. Our benchmarking expertise lets customers optimize their transportation spend and drive bottom-line savings.

Key Benefits of Rate Benchmarking Services

Market Knowledge

Our Freight Rate Benchmarking service compares your freight spend against shippers in your industry and the market as a whole to ensure you’re paying market appropriate rates for your truckload, LTL and small parcel shipments.

Cost Avoidance

Informed Decision-Making

We compare what you are spending in every lane and provide results showing you your cost against the high, low and median market rates comparing more than $5 billion in freight spend. Make data-driven decisions that lead to significant cost savings.

Freight Audit Process

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging our benchmarking expertise. Achieve a competitive edge with optimized transportation spend and improved bottom-line results.

Frequently Asked Questions

We compare your current shipping costs against industry standards to determine if you’re overpaying. Our detailed assessment highlights areas for savings and helps you streamline expenses without compromising service quality. By understanding market rates, you can negotiate better with carriers, optimize routes, and implement cost-saving strategies

Our experts negotiate with carriers on your behalf, using deep market knowledge to secure the most competitive pricing for your shipping needs. This approach can translate to immediate savings in your logistics budget.

Using advanced logistics software and data analytics, we evaluate factors such as distance, transit time, fuel consumption, traffic patterns, and carrier schedules. By selecting the optimal routes, we can reduce transportation costs, improve delivery timelines, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. We can also minimize the environmental impact by reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Simply schedule a consultation with our team. During this meeting, we will discuss your specific shipping needs, current expenses, and goals.

We’ll let you know what shipping data we need, including freight invoices, carrier contracts, and shipping routes. This information is crucial for us to conduct a comprehensive analysis. We’re here and ready to help you get started.

Ready to Benchmark Your Freight Expenses?

Schedule a consultation with our team to discuss your specific needs and explore how Nolan & Cunnings can optimize your shipping costs.