Looking for a Strategic Approach to
Freight Bill Management?

From unexpected overcharges to payment delays, navigating freight management requires precision and accuracy. We offer a strategic approach to freight management, providing data-driven insights for optimal decision-making and potential cost savings.

Mastering Freight Audit and Payment Challenges

Our services provide more than just savings on freight spend. We can improve and enhance your entire process. By pinpointing areas for improvement through meticulous analysis and tailored strategies, we reduce costs and streamline your operations for heightened efficiency and competitiveness.

Our clients typically realize a notable annual cost avoidance of 3%–5% of their total freight spend. Through our comprehensive auditing, precise charge analysis, and strategic optimizations, this percentage translates into substantial savings that can be reinvested into your business while enjoying enhanced operational efficiency.

Comprehensive and Precision-Driven Freight Auditing

Nolan & Cunnings has set the gold standard in freight bill auditing for over a century. With our roots stretching back to 1920, we’ve seamlessly combined deep industry expertise with technological innovations to offer unmatched auditing solutions.

Key Benefits of Freight Bill Management

Personalized Strategy
and Service

We understand each client is unique. That’s why we tailor our approach to fit your needs. Our dedicated account management teams work closely with you, offering personalized service and strategies committed to your success from the first stop to the last mile.

Cost Avoidance

In-Depth Insights and

We dive deep into your shipment details, uncovering insights and cost-saving opportunities. You benefit from our transparent operations and No Gain Share policy that prioritizes your savings and operational efficiency.

Freight Audit Process

Advanced Technology
and Precision

We utilize Advanced Rate Engine, our state-of-the-art technology, for the most accurate rate checks, ensuring you get the best value from your shipping and logistics operations.

Freight Spend Management Solutions

Freight Accounting

Allocate every shipping cost correctly and maintain precise financial records.

Freight Invoice Management

Keep track of every invoice, ensuring timely payments.

Dashboards and Market Insights

Dive deeper with our Dashboard & Market Insights page.

24/7 Customer Portal

Access your data anytime, anywhere, on our secure portal.

Freight Bill Management Expertise Across
All Modes of Transportation

From trucking (LTL or full truckload) to ocean, air, rail, and parcel, we have expertise that spans all modes of transportation, ensuring reliable and efficient logistics solutions. Let us help you effortlessly integrate with your preferred carriers, gain real-time visibility into shipment status, and improve your transport efficiency.

“With N&C, we’ve achieved significant savings and
strengthened our carrier relationships.”

- Miguel L., Supply Chain Director

Frequently Asked Questions

A Freight Bill Audit is a meticulous review of shipping invoices to ensure accuracy, identify discrepancies, and eliminate overcharges. It’s crucial to prevent financial leakage, improve cost control, and maintain transparency in your shipping expenses. Our Freight Bill Audit services cover various freight types, including LTL, FTL, ocean, air, rail, and specialized equipment, ensuring your invoices align with the services provided.

Freight Payment Processing streamlines the payment of shipping invoices. By leveraging our efficient system, you can ensure timely and accurate carrier payments. This approach eliminates the risk of delayed payments, fosters positive carrier relationships, and enhances your overall supply chain efficiency. With our diverse payment options, including paper checks, ACH, and wire transfers, you can choose what suits your business best.

Absolutely. Our Freight Payment System is designed to manage a wide range of freight types and complexities. Whether you’re dealing with LTL, full truckload, specialized equipment, or even parcel shipments, our system can handle it all. With features like General Ledger coding, and Freight Invoice Management, our system is tailored to meet your diverse freight payment requirements.

Freight Accounting involves the accurate allocation of shipping costs to the appropriate accounts. This method not only helps maintain an accurate financial picture but also enables effective budgeting and cost analysis. Our services include detailed General Ledger coding, ensuring your shipping expenses are properly categorized, leading to better financial insights and decision-making. By leveraging Freight Accounting, you can optimize your resource allocation and enhance your business’s financial health.

Freight Bill Management with Integrity from the
First Stop to the Last Mile

In our more than 60 years in the freight bill audit and payment industry, Nolan & Cunnings has never “floated” customer funds for its benefit. Monies received by Nolan & Cunnings are applied, and payments to the carriers are made within 48 hours of them becoming available in our dedicated freight account. Partner with Nolan & Cunnings for a freight payment experience that aligns with your needs and values. Our commitment to speed, transparency, and flexibility ensures your business runs smoothly while building trusting relationships with carriers.

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